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Ground Cover Jute

Greenhouse Floor Cover Usage Areas: Greenhouse Floor Cover is laid to prevent weeds from growing.

Ground cover is used on strawberries and other vegetables and retains soil heat.

Ground cover is used in construction by laying on concrete.

The garden base cover prevents the emergence of weeds in the laid area.

The vegetation cover is permeable to water, but not mud up.

The base cover prevents sludge in the area where jute is laid.

Base covers retain the heat of the soil.

There are lines at 20 cm intervals on the base cover and it provides convenience if seedlings are placed on it.

Light diffusion increases the efficiency of photosynthesis by providing more homogeneous light from all directions. The film reduces shadows, minimizes burn-in and provides better dispersion of light Poly-Hort B.V. specifically formulates its films for optimum performance based on product response. Therrnicity: During the day, the greenhouse structure, plants and soil heat up due to both visible and infrared light from the sun. In the evening, it cools the radiation in the IR range and restarts the radiation. Features are incorporated into the film, which blocks IR radiation and helps maintain a controlled temperature inside the greenhouse, making the heaters work less at night. We offer films with 30% - 60% Light Diffusion. Anti-condensation: properties change the film surface; As a result. The water droplets then spread as a continuous layer of water flowing down the slope of the film. These films increase light transmission and reduce water drop.