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Greenhouse Dosing Systems

In order to obtain the best quality and most efficient products in the greenhouse, we design the ideal irrigation system according to the climate type and product variety.

In order to use water and fertilization in the most efficient way, the water that is not used by the plant is returned to the system with the drainage system. Which is the most economical and efficient way. Also, another filtering process is done by the reverse osmosis system. In this system, water is absorbed from a very dense environment to a less dense environment and unhealthy elements such as iron are separated from the water.

All systems in the greenhouse (heat shading curtain, ventilation, fan system, heating system, fog system, and irrigation system) are controlled by the climate control system. In addition, we can update the information and intervene in the system by using android, mobile phone or computer in this system.

The Irrigation and Automation system consists of the following components:

Reverse Osmosis System

Drainage System

Irrigation Machine

Steel Water Stock Tanks

Climate Control Unit

Fertilizer Preparation Tanks

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Greenhouse Irrigation Systems;

Under Cover Sprinkler Irrigation System

Top Sprinkler System

Fixed Top Sprinkler

Movable Top Sprinkler

Soil Surface Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

Drip Irrigation Method