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Rock Wool

Our slabs have chaotic fiber structure, this feature provides high tightness and allows the medium to be used for more than one year. Rock wool slabs are the main medium for plant root development. In addition, our slabs can be produced with vertical fiber structure according to climatic and regional conditions, with this feature, it provides better drainage and provides a drier environment compared to horizontal fiber structure slabs. According to drying and shrinkage parameters, Belagro slabs gave better results in root development than their counterparts. Production can be made in different sizes in line with the demands of our customers.

The Belagro mineral wool cube provides a healthy root system, a good balance between vegetative and generative development, and a strong plant and easier management of growth processes. Cubes can be used for direct sowing of seeds, as well as for collection technology, where the seeds are first sown in a mineral wool stopper. Cubes are designed for growing vegetable and flower seedlings. Belagro cubes are made of corrugated hydrophilic mineral wool, which ensures the high hardness and mechanical stability of the building blocks after getting wet. After the seedlings have grown, the sprouts from the seedlings are removed from the spreading tray and transferred to cubes with special holes for plugs. The predominantly vertical nature of the mineral wool fibers and the drainage grooves on the underside of the cubes allow the seedlings to be grown in "dry" conditions.

Agricultural Rock Wool ( Hydroponic Agriculture ) Properties

Our rock wool cubes offer a healthy root system, a stronger plant is obtained with its vegetative and generative balance, it provides generative development, and it offers easier growing process management. Our cubes allow sowing seeds with forthe pick technology (putting the seed into the plug and then transferring it to the earring) as well as allowing direct seed sowing. Cubes are used for growing vegetable and flower seeds. Thanks to its wavy fiber structure, Belagro cubes provide high rigidity and mechanical stability after wetting. When the seeds germinate, they are taken from the plugs and transferred to the cubes. There are special holes in the cubes suitable for the size of the plugs. Due to the vertical fiber structure, the cubes provide seeding in dry conditions.

How is Agricultural Rock Wool ( Hydroponic Agriculture ) Used?

We use rock wool, namely slab, in order to increase the yield and quality of agricultural rock wool, and to increase the development of plant roots in a positive way. Agricultural rock wool (soilless agriculture) Slabs are placed in the greenhouse and irrigation connections are made, there are holes suitable for planting. The slabs are saturated with water and left for 24 hours, after which the excess water is drained. After the seedlings planted in the cubes are placed in the appropriate places on the slabs, drip irrigation connections are made and the planting process ends. Rock wool is in high quality plastic packages with a layered structure and UV permeability adjusted.

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