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Eminel Tarım Greenhouse is a modern greenhouse and farm producer with its staff, and it is the company that supplies, assembles and installs related tools and equipment. Our company offers greenhouse and agricultural production techniques by using the most accurate material and installation in line with regional and climatic data. Parallel to all these, our company also cooperates with greenhouse and equipment companies in countries such as the Netherlands and France.

We operate in all fields of agriculture, with or without soil, in smart greenhouse systems, in open field and garden irrigation systems. We open the doors of obtaining more efficient and higher quality products with state-of-the-art Air Conditioning, Irrigation and Fertilization Automation, Fogging, Plant transport and Gutter systems, Steel Water Tank and Electric systems. We do all this with our own design and manufacture machines and software.

Our principles

» Modern glass and plastic greenhouses are made on a turnkey basis and production support is provided in order for our producers to achieve their expectations of quality and healthy aquaculture without any exaggeration.

» To contribute to the economic and social development of the society, to use resources rationally, without compromising the leadership of the sector, without compromising the leadership of the sector, in honesty and transparency, without violating the rights of our employees, suppliers and solution partners, without violating all kinds of investments and research for the production of healthy and quality plants. Contributing to the agriculture of our country is our main duty and principle.

Our Mission

» To maintain our international leadership and quality on the principles of respect for labor and the environment for all greenhouse and open field vegetable producers.

Our Vision

» Greenhouse, irrigation systems, steel water tanks, production materials, climate control and irrigation automations are designed by us according to the climatic conditions of the region and to provide the best ease of use to the producer.