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Thermal Curtain

It is a special material made by using special aluminum woven curtain cloth that protects from cold and heat.
Two types of mechanisms are used: Push-Pull system and rope system. Thanks to this system, serious energy savings are provided in greenhouses. It also prevents plants from being affected by sudden weather changes. It protects from shocks in stresses caused by excessive sunlight.


It is made of original HDPE material. It offers up to 95% shading with UV additive. Optional options are available. There are khaki green and black options in color.

This system opens and closes the curtain system through pipes installed at 320 cm intervals. It has a fixed and flexible structure and is resistant to all pesticides, including sulfur. It has a unique woven structure of processed metals.

It is resistant to high temperatures and has a long service life. Especially in summer, the temperature inside the greenhouse rises to high levels, so the curtain system is automatically activated by sensors and provides a shading system. In winter, it turns off automatically to prevent heat loss, which has a great effect on saving heat.


PHL 77: 78% shading 75% heat storage

Phormilux: 13% Shading 45% heat storage

PH 44: 45% shading 52% heat storage

PH 55: 55% shading 58% heat storage

PH 66: 65% shading 63% heat storage

PH 77: 75% shading 68% heat storage

PH 55 OPEN: 55% shading 20% ​​heat storage

PH 66 OPEN: 65% shading 25% heat storage

PH77 OPEN: 75% shading 30% heat storage