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Air Conditioning Automation Systems

For plants grown in greenhouses, the climate conditions inside the greenhouse are as important as irrigation and fertilization (fertigation) for the plant to work in the best efficiency. Turkish, English, Russian language options are available.

General features of our climate control systems, which are our own productions with TS EN ISO 9001: 2008 - CE - GOST - R certificates;

29 LCD Display
Turkish Software
Meteorological Station
29 LCD Displays
Meteorological Station
Wind Direction and Ready
Rain Sensor (Momentary Yes-No)
Outside Light Sensor
Outdoor Humidity Sensor

Our company has the necessary experience and all kinds of technical resources to realize your project both in TURKEY and anywhere in the WORLD. We have expert teams that can install all kinds of greenhouses, from the simplest Net Houses to complex glass greenhouses. In addition, if necessary, we work with the technical personnel of the invested country and with the assembly teams under the control of the expert teams of IMT.

Considering the unique complexity of each project, the planning of human and technical resources is done to the finest detail and the project is carried out in accordance with these plans. We are aware that even the highest quality parts will not be of any value if the assembly and project are not done by careful and professional teams. For all these reasons, we try our best to provide the best assembly service and to be better every day.