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Fogging Systems

It is one of the systems used in greenhouses to provide the moisture needed by the plant and to cool it. The bottling system is applied as a misting and fogging system according to the project. The applied bottling systems are operated under the desired conditions depending on the climate control automation.

What is Greenhouse Humidification Systems?

Greenhouse Humidification Systems are the systems used to maintain and balance the humidity in greenhouses in order to prevent efficiency due to high temperatures in summer. Vegetables and fruits or greenhouse products need more moisture at high temperatures, and thanks to the greenhouse humidification systems without damaging the greenhouse products, the humidity balance of the environment is ensured without leaving any water marks on the plants.

How Do Greenhouse Humidification Systems Work?

Greenhouse Humidification Systems, by spraying water particles with a fogging nozzle; It takes the heat of the air through evaporation and the temperature drops to 15 degrees.

The sprayed water particles rapidly pass the water particles into the gas phase with a pressure of 100 bar and above and provide the moisture that the plants need without getting wet. The amount of water to be sprayed to lower the temperature and raise the relative humidity; It is determined by calculating the volume of the greenhouse and taking into account the highest temperature and lowest humidity according to climatic conditions.

How Are Greenhouse Humidification Systems Made?

Elements used for Greenhouse Humidification Systems;

- Circulation fans

- Ventilation and control systems

- Fogging nozzle Greenhouse humidification systems; by providing a temperature drop as a result of evaporation by spraying water; the relative humidity rises. In this way, cool and humid air ensures that the greenhouse is kept in the desired climatic conditions thanks to the circulation fans and ventilation control systems. Greenhouse humidification systems work in the same way as open air cooling and cooling systems. In Which Areas Are Greenhouse Humidification Systems Used? Greenhouse Humidification Systems are used to eliminate all adverse weather conditions for the plant that may occur in the greenhouse. By decreasing the temperature, it creates the necessary condition for the plants, thus preventing the plants from being damaged. With this system, the variations that may occur in the climatic conditions during the day in the greenhouses are prevented. Greenhouse Humidification Systems is also a system that can be used in animal shelters and all open areas.


Both evaporative cooling and fogging system are passive cooling systems. Both are based on the principle that water cools the air by taking heat from the air as it evaporates.

Approximately 600 kcal/h of heat energy is needed to evaporate 1 kg of water.

When this heat is taken from the air, the air is cooled.

In fogging, the water is divided into very small particles at high pressure and sent to the greenhouse. The pressure of the water is between 70-120 bar.

The fogging system is also a system that works with much higher efficiency in dry climates. Especially in regions with low wet bulb temperature, it allows the greenhouse to be cooled without the need for active cooling.

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