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About Soilless Agriculture

Cocopeat is a by-product obtained from the outer shell of coconut peat. With this feature, it protects the environment and nature. In this case, we can say that cocopeat is a part of nature.

Cocopeat Usage Areas;

Hydroponic Greenhouse is used in indoor and outdoor potted plant production, ornamental plants, cut flowers, and the production of all plants, especially tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

What Does Cocopeat Do?

Cocopeat can hold up to 9 times its own volume of water while providing good aeration with appropriate porosity. It provides the oxygen, water and nutrients required for the roots in an ideal way. It is also a very good soil conditioner. Its fibrous and spongy structure makes it a regulator in every soil type.

Cocopeat (Cocopit) Advantages and Benefits

*High water capacity with sufficient air.

* High buffer capacity.

* Slow decay.

* Reusable and very suitable for recycling !