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External Screened Glass Greenhouses

Curtains for shading, energy conservation or light deprivation improve the greenhouse environment

Automatically open and close curtains to set desired light levels

Add Dimming Screens for daylight control and additional energy savings

Automatically open and close curtains to keep temperature levels consistent

GGS greenhouse curtains are low maintenance and easy to install on straight truss systems or on pointed arches

Single, double and triple curtains to satisfy any grower

Interior Special Design Curtains

Drapery fabrics are available from leading suppliers to provide optimum shading, cooling, heat retention or blackout. Fire retardant fabrics are available for applications where fire codes must be met.

Indoor / Outdoor Curtain Systems

To ensure that curtain systems are designed to withstand sun (UV), wind or rain, our suspended curtain systems use many of the components used in our retractable roofs. Fabric life in the curtain system is also maximized because we can use some of the originally designed fabrics in the retractable flat roof greenhouse where they are constantly exposed to the elements. Indoor / outdoor curtain systems Can be used for Heat retention, Cooling, Blackout, Insect control.